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Amsterdam call girls

Amsterdam call girls

Well, it happened once that I talked with some Amsterdam call girls how is life there.

An Amsterdam call girls can have easier life than in many European countries, as

prostitution is under legal circumstances in the capital of the Netherlands. I’ve heard

from Amsterdam escorts that because of this the work sometimes can be hard, as sex can be

cheap and there are many girls there. Some students are working legally and pay taxes as

any other workers just to pay their school. The older girls who are there for many years,

it’s harder to find clients sometimes. Anyway, I gave a chance to the city with my escort

agency, which had the chance to send call girls by for high class works. To be honest one goal was to be an escort in

Amsterdam to make money, the other was to make a sightseeing as this was

one of the dream cities on my wish list. I’ve heard a lot of interesting

things about Amsterdam, and the girls have told me there were a lot of things to see.

Amsterdam call girls and the city life

Well, of course there are many possibilites for the tourist. First of all

the Amsterdam escorts mentioned me that the Dam, the main square of the city is

one of the nicest place for tourist, and they like to go there as well.

The canals of Amsterdam are exceptional, not to mention the Leidse Square,

which for me as a young escort girl with it’s vibrating nightlife is something

that I have to see. Some other places like the Rembrandt Square, Vondelpark and

Waterlooplein Markt as it was written on the Internet sounded cool and all my

friends, the Amsterdam call girls have told me to take the time, and stay one

or two days extra minimum just to look around if I decided anyway to be an escort in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam call girls and the red light district

Of course the biggest and most interesting place for every Amsterdam escort

girls was the red light disctrict, the legal European zone of prostitution.

With girls behind the windows, coffeeshops and peep shows around it’s an area that

normal tourists want to see as well. Something special even for Amsterdam call

girls who are there for different kind of works. I was sure that I’m going to take

a walk there to see how is it going there and to see other Amsterdam escorts under

incognito. I planned to work in a hotel there through my agency.

Amsterdam call girls have fun

Well the day of my tour came and I arrived to the hotel very early. I decided to

go out for a walk in the city, as I wanted to use my time wisely. I went for a little

sightseeing, and in the evening I planned a walk to the red light disctrict. The time

went fast, I made some photos from the most important places, and in the evening

I took a walk and watched how my „collegues” were working. It was really an exceptional

place, I’ve never seen such an amazing place where girls could work legally and under

such circumstances. To be honest I always preferred to work „behind the curtains”

through my girlfriends and agencies, but it was a real sexual experience for me as

well to look at those beautiful Amsterdam call girls showing their bodies through the

windows, like in a normal clothes shop. The night came fast so I headed back to my room,

I was ready to do the job I was here for as an escort in Amsterdam.

My guest were coming from the first day, so it was a really profitable tour as a

call girl in Amsterdam. Amsterdam escorts usually have to „fight” for the client, but

through my agency I was advertised for higher class clients for higher prices than

usual call girls in Amsterdam. Anyway, my outfit and beauty is also good enough to be

in the top 5%, so there was nothing to stop me to earn well among other Amsterdam call

girls. My first clients arrived from the first working day, I had 5 clients for start.

Usually these men were in rush, had a break in the office or had to be at home in time.

Many of them were from abroad and from different nationalities. However this was the

case among Amsterdam escorts as well, most of the Amsterdam call girls were from Eastern-Europe.

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